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There are many different image editors. You will love the Red Pill among them. Promise!
And yes, we also offer a Windows edition as of recently! People have been asking for it and now we deliver.

Simple, yet powerful image editing. Red Pill provides the necessary tools to do high-quality image manipulation. It handles large images with ease -- as fast as Photoshop.
  • tools like magic wand, brush, paint bucket, clone stamp ...
  • transform, adjust filter
  • paste into command, float/anchor selection
  • unlimited undo
  • resize, rotate, flip image
  • remove/extract object from image (smart fill, similar to content-aware fill, a major feature of PS)
  • auto enhance

    Red Pill v1.0.0 requires at least macOS 10.11 or Windows 10 and costs € 39. It is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina or macOS 11 Big Sur yet, we are working on it. A dual-core processor is recommended.
    If you click on the 'Download Trial Now' button above, you will get the Windows version (1.6 MB). If you don't unlock the trial version, the images you save to disk will contain a watermark.

    Maybe you would like to take a look at the Red Pill User's Guide (PDF), even though up to date the document for the Windows edition is preliminary.

    Watch a short screen movie about 'smart fill' -- it removes an object from an image by extending surrounding texture to cover it.
    Watch a short screen movie about the 'paste into' command.

    Last update: Apr 27, 2023
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